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Uyuni Table Linen

This lake drained exists since prehistory : the salar of Uyuni, located in Bolivia, is remarkable for its immensity. Playing with the skyline, it defies time and space for thousands of years.
Details Table Linen Uyuni Aigredoux

The Uyuni table collection : luxury table linens

As a luxury table linens, the Uyuni collection is seduced by its design and originality. Uyuni is for lovers of contemporary lines, lovers of pieces with a strong character.
The applied color bands and ladder stitching play with perspectives, amaze and surprise. As a full element of decoration, this very elegant collection with contemporary lines reveals your personnality…
The finesse and delicacy of the materials reveal the refinement of this collection, which can surprise at first glance. Uyuni is a very flexible and assertive character that leaves a precious memory to your guests thanks to the elegance of its contemporary lines.
Details Table Linen Uyuni Aigredoux
Uyuni - Aigredoux - best luxury bedding

The reflections on Uyuni mark each moment as a precious memory

Discovering Uyuni

With the seasons and the lights, Lake Uyuni reveals itself with delicacy and splendor. Swept by the winds, this flat expanse of over 10,000 km² reveals the immensity and beauty of nature. Modeled by climatic conditions, the spectacle of the salar of Uyuni evolves according to the seasons.
The evaporation of water several thousand years ago left behind a crust of salt on the surface of the old lake. Flooded between January and March, it offers a majestic spectacle and transforms itself into a terrestrial natural mirror. The horizon lines are manipulated by reflections: heaven and earth merge.
In this territory, a play of light and colors is revealed, orchestrated by the sun, which magically defies the limits of space. At the center of the salar, Uyuni defies the senses, stops the time to offer its spectators an unforgettable memory.
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