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Aldabra Table Linen

As a discreet and refined jacquard table linen, the Aldabra collection continue the elegance of Aldabra bed linen and evokes the purity of the Seychelles Atoll. Constituted of coral islands, Aldabra is inscribed on the list of Unesco World Heritage.
Collection Aldabra - luxury table cloths - Aigredoux
Aldabra details collection - luxury table cloths

The Aldabra table collection : your luxury table cloth

Composed of woven motifs, the Aldabra collection is declined in united tones: it highlights sobriety in elegance. As an extension of the Aldabra bed linen to your table, this luxury table cloth bring to your home the refinement that suits you. Aldabra will reveal the harmony of your interior.
Far from the fashions, Aldabra is timeless, and seems protected from the work of time. Customizable in colors and materials, Aldabra will integrate harmoniously with your interior. The Aldabra table linen will seduce your guests by the delicacy of its patterns and the softness of its fabrics.
Simply, it will sublimate your table, to make your receptions unforgettable moments. The elegance and refinement of this jacquard tablecloth and matching napkins will take place on your table.
Aldabra - luxury table cloth - Aigredoux collection
Aldabra - luxury white bed linen - Aigredoux

Aldabra, the subtle elegance of simplicity.

Discovering Aldabra

As a preserved sanctuary, Aldabra is a protected land in the heart of the Indian Ocean. The most sumptuous landscapes alternate between submerged lands, lagoons and mangrove forests.
The animals cohabit in a protected eco-system of more than 155 km². This area is protected of tourist incursions, some animals, birds, turtles, appeared only on this island, as a refuge for a whole species. Aldabra also hosts the largest population of giant tortoises.
Its distance and difficult access have preserved this land of men. They are few in number to have the honor of discovering this atoll. Scientists and researchers are among the exceptionally authorized persons to inflitrate in this natural laboratory.
Luxury tablecloths - Aladabra collection by Aigredoux

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