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Hoggar Table Linen

Located in the mountainous massif in the heart of the Sahara, the desert of Hoggar is a land of 50 000 km ² with difficult climatic conditions but breathtaking landscapes.
Collection Table Linen Hoggar Luxury
Details Hoggar Collection Table Linen

The Hoggar table collection : one of our handmade tablecloths

Aigredoux’s specialty, since more than 10 yeras, is the creations of precious handmade tablecloths. Made by our couturier in our French workshops, our creations are full personalized to give life to all your table linen projects. They fly all over the world to enhance every interior.
The combination of two colors and graphic lines offer this collection a modern design that will find its place in your interior. Dare to stand out with the Hoggar table linen, more sophisticated than some of our collections such as Uyuni or Aldabra. The Hoggar collection will reveal your personality ; the Hoggar collection will reveal you.
Bring your loved ones together with unique colors and design: by your side, they will enjoy precious and unforgettable moments.
Details Hoggar Collection Table Linen
Hoggar collection - Handmade tablecloths - Aigredoux

Hoggar, the grandiose spectacle of raw nature

Discovering the Hoggar Desert

Particularly appreciated by climbing amateur, the desert of Hoggar is made up of steep reliefs. The Atarkor, one of its mythical regions, is a circular volcanic plateau 2,000 m high. In places, it is possible to observe gueltas (natural basins of clear water) and cave engravings, testimonies of ancestral lives.
Climatic conditions are particularly difficult or even hostile on these lands: very high temperatures in summer and frost in winter, scattered rains, even rare. Despite these conditions, Hoggar is less harsh than the Sahara and hosts certain animal and plant species.
The spectacle of the colors of this landscape is striking: the sand ocher plays with the immaculate blue sky. The ocean of dust waves in the air and in the wind.
Hoggar - Luxury collection - handmade tablecloths by Aigredoux

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