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Tsingy Table linen

Tsingy, Nature Reserve of Bemaraha is located in the west of Madagascar. Inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List, it houses an incredible geological treasure, an unique spectacle in the world.
Table Linen Tsingy Collection Aigredoux
Details Table Linen Tsingy Aigredoux

The Tsingy table collection : one of our elegant tablecloths

True table linen refined, Tsingy evokes the conviviality of moments shared. This collection is one of or elegant tablecloths, as Hoggar or Aldabra. The material, bright and silky, will sublimate your interior and bring to your table the elegance that resembles you.
This elegant tablecloths, in the center, draws and models vertically the delicate material made with care. More than a decorative detail, the Tsingy collection binds you to your loved ones for precious and unforgettable moments …
Sublimated by the delicate work of our couturier, table linen from the Tsingy collection brings a touch of color to your interior and reveals your personnality. Reveal your table at your image, with wise or daring colors and give life to your most beautiful projects..
Details Table Linen Tsingy Aigredoux
Elegant tablecloths by Aigredoux - Tsingy collection

Tsingy : the work of time sublimated with delicacy

Discovering Tsingy

The peaks in the reserve result from the erosion of ancient limestone massifs. The weather and rain, striking the rocky massifs day after day, have carved and drawn these stone points over time. Culminating more than 30 meters high, the peaks are accessible to the most determined by climbing or by monkey bridges.
The reserve is a site whose access is particularly difficult for men. This natural protection of human beings has made this place a suitable habitat for the development and conservation of animal and plant species.
This limestone forest, rising towards the sky, protects endemic animals and plants, sometimes unknown. Despite its appearance as a fortress, this territory also offers more welcoming recesses to the reliefs valued and composed of lakes, forests and mangroves.
Elegant tablecloths - Tsingy - Aigredoux

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