elegant table linen - Gorëme by Aigredoux

Gorëme Table Linen

An elegant table linen, the collection Gorëme seduced by the combination of two delicate colors. This fine model brings the authenticity and tranquility of the National Park in the heart of Turkey.
Gorëm details collection Aigredoux

The Gorëme table collection : your elegant table linens

As many of elegant table linens, our precious Gorëme collection invites you to express your personality through the wise or bold association of exclusive colors. As an extension of the bed linen for the table, the collection Gorëme harmonizes in the heart of your interior.
Impress your guests with the sophisticated design of this table collection, subtly underscored by a delicate ladder stitching. The refinement invites in your interior and the collection Gorëme magnifies in discretion the elegance of your desires. Gorëme is memorable and unique.
Gorëme allows everything : marry colors with your inspiration, reveal your choices and create your signature. Make your home a space out of time, protective and unique where it is good to meet for unforgettable moments with your loved ones.
Gorëm details collection Aigredoux
Elegant table linens - Goreme - Aigredoux

Inner harmony as philosophy

Discovering Gorëme

The Gorëme National Park, located in the Cappadocia Valley of Turkey, was modeled by man in the heart of the rock. This space composed of ridges and valleys reveals with enchantment a whole troglodyte village exploited of the time of the Byzantine life.
This exceptional place of life, which sheltered hundreds of men and women, is dug on several floors in the rock. Particularly deep and narrow, this atypical habitat is illuminated only by a well 65 meters high.
Also called “fairy chimneys”, these stone houses were the bulwark against enemies for many families. A true open-air museum, the Park can be flown by a hot air balloon, a view that reveals in a new dimension the splendor and the immensity of Gorëme.
Luxury cotton bed linen - Goreme - Aigredoux

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