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Darien Bed Linen

Magnify the excellence of your home with this luxury white linen bedding, a jewel of the Darien collection. Fly to Southeast Panama on the 575,000 hectares that preserve a unique and incredible life in the heart of the American continent.
Set Darien collection Bed Linen Aigredoux
Details Darien collection Bed Linen Aigredoux

The Darien Collection, the beauty of tradition

Choose this luxury white linen bedding, and give yourself in a timeless interior with the Darién collection. Heritage of another time, like the national park, the Darien collection takes place with subtlety and discretion in your interior.
Inspired by the purity of the park, the collection is completed in white. Pure and elegant, this color, insensitive to fashions, honour your interior with lightness. Delicate and precious, Darien shines with simplicity. Ladder stitching allows to realize fine embroideries in the purest tradition. The finish is the subtle accomplishment of your bed linen.
Darien seems intact, untouched by the passing of time, it shines purely and simply. This luxury white linen bedding is the assurance of a delicacy and sumptuousness interior.
Details Darien collection Bed Linen Aigredoux
luxury white bedding - Darien - Aigredoux

Darien seems intact, untouched by the passing of time. It simply and purely shines.

Discovering Darien National Park

Between South America and Central America, the Darien National Park is a protected area, a varied landscape unchanged since centuries. This park is astonishing and surprising by its multitude of land and habitat: beaches, rocks, swamps or rainforests : so much spaces to discover and to be amazed.
In the national park of Darién live a remarkable fauna and flora. The variety of ecosystems and habitats reflects a still palpable cultural and ethnic diversity. People who live there descend from African or indigenous tribes. The cultural dimension of the Darién National Park is magnificently preserved.
The immensity of the landscape and its inaccessibility make it a preserved place with great ecological value. Darién park is a reserve for hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles and plants.
Between marshes and rainforest, more than 40 species of orchids bloom and open up at the junction of the Amazon rainforest.
Darien - luxury white linen beding - Aigredoux

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