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Aldabra bed linen

Luxury white bed linen, the Aldabra collection evokes the original impressiveness of the Seychelles Atoll. As a jewel of nature, the Aldabra atoll has been protected for years from tourist incursions.
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The Aldabra Collection

The Aldabra collection is a luxury white bed linen which sublime with elegance your interior. Made in a unique color, the bed linen enhanced on a delicate ladder stitching, reveals its simplicity.
Preserved from fashions and time as the atoll, the Aldabra collection is displayed with fine and contemporaries lines, presents and discreets. Discover the charm of sobriety, and enhance your interior in a calm and soothing atmosphere.
As a subtle choice of simplicity, the Aldabra collection diffuses serenity and lightness. More than bed linen, Aldabra is a refuge for everyday life, a outdoor protection. Let yourself be enveloped in a case of softness where delicacy is lived with elegance.
Details Bed Linen Aldabra Aigredoux
luxury white bed linen - Aldabra - Aigredoux

Aldabra is a virgin sanctuary, as a raw jewel of our planet.

Discovering Aldabra

Made up of coral islands, Aldabra is a land preserved of men. Located in the Indian Ocean, the island is composed of more than 155 km² of emerged land, which constitute 4 main islands, closely connected.
In the center of the island, Aldabra contains a shallow lagoon, whose surroundings are sublimated by the mangroves : this atoll offers sublime landscapes. The island is a nature reserve listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
As an open-air laboratory, the Aldabra Atoll is an almost intact ecosystem. The island is quite isolated, and so endemic species of birds, giant tortoises live their in this protected space. Man has no place in this island : only scientists and researchers have access to it, and a handful of tourists particularly framed.
Aldabra - luxury white bed linen - Aigredoux

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