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Roraima Bed Linen

Elegant bed linen, the Roraima collection represents the excellence of French “savoir-faire” and takes shape through a fine and delicate geometric design. Escape to the top of Mount Roraima, a land located in South America, between Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela.

The Roraima collection, sublime elegance

Elegant and graphic luxury linens, the Roraima collection will sublimate with character your decoration. Like the Naïca and Palau collections, the Roraima bedding will express itself at the heart of your decoration.

Composed of vertical and horizontal lines, this collection is able to assert itself in all subtlety. Roraima guides our gaze, carried from one point to another by a graphic game of colors and stitches.

Your bed linen, your luxury linens, such as Mount Roraima in the heart of the rainforest, is majestically cut in your interior.

Roraima - luxury linens - Aigredoux

The Roraima collection is inspired by a zen and peaceful atmosphere.

Discovering Mount Roraima

This mountain is capped with a plateau at its summit. At its feet, stretches the tropical forest, moist and sweet, very different from the climate of the top of the Mount. The plateau also called Tepui, which means “house of the gods” is smoothed by the rains that bathe it daily.

Very remote from civilization, the plateau and its 1,000 m high cliffs are considered as the oldest geological formation on earth. This environment is sometimes hostile, but most of all unique, and has endemic and unknown fauna and flora.

The highest peak, Maverick Stone, rises to 2,810 m. Accessible to experienced hikers, the Mount remains an isolated land, only touched by the softness of the clouds. Surrounded by this mist, flirting between heaven and earth, a serene and peaceful atmosphere emerges from this immensity.

Luxury linens - Roraima - Aigredoux

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