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Palaos Bed Linen

Luxury linen bedding, the “Palaos collection” takes you on a superb trip off the Philippine archipelago.
Set Bed Linen Palaos Collection Luxury Aigredoux
Details Bed Linen Palaos Collection Luxury Aigredoux

The “Palaos” collection

Your luxury linen bedding from the “Palaos collection” invites you to travel to the distant islands of Micronesia. The exceptional nobility of Egyptian cotton makes this collection incredible in quality and sublime your interior with delicacy and subtlety.
The union of lines and colors, like the one of fauna and flora, elevates to the rank of sublime this “Palaos” bed linen. The graphic lines, declined in 3 colors, give rhythm to your finery of bed.
Perfect blend of classic and contemporary, this luxury bed linen is timeless: wrap yourself in a case of softness.
Details Bed Linen Palaos Collection Luxury Aigredoux
Palaos - Luxury linen bedding - Aigredoux

Palau welcomes you in a protected area, an authentic protective cocoon of everyday life.

Discovering the Palau Islands

The Palau Islands, located in Micronesia in the heart of Oceania, form an archipelago that seems to emerge from the depths of the oceans. In this space, live a diverse fauna and flora: corals, plants, birds, fish, sharks make of these islands a unique country.
Dressed in forests, ferns and coconut trees, the Palau Islands are firmly anchored in nature. Home to seabed and protected areas, some of the islands of the archipelago have been banned from the public for decades.
Of volcanic origin, the archipelago is bathed in lagoons of turquoise waters that make of this site in a magical place, true Earth Eden. Palau is an exceptional sanctuary.
Palaos - luxury linen bedding - Aigredoux

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