Luxury duvet covers: the Verdon collection

Let yourself be carried away by the French way of life with this unique bed set, made in our Vendée workshop.

Luxury duvet covers - Aigredoux - Verdon

The Verdon collection


The Verdon collection is the perfect illustration of the excellence of French bed linen. Made in the finest fabrics, this finery reveals the expertise that France has the secret. Result of the expertise and the requirement of our seamstresses, this luxury French bed linen is a jewel of our craftsmanship.

Like the Verdon, the lines of bourdon stitching and applied bands draw an incomparable and vertiginous adornment. The salient lines and graphics create a unique design to this luxury duvet covers, customizable to suit your desires in colors and materials.

Full of character and power, this finery also reveals itself with softness and delicacy; according to your desires, it will reveal all the facets of your personality.

Verdon - Aigredoux - Luxury duvet covers
Verdon | Luxury duvet covers - Aigredoux

The “Gorges du Verdon”, a vertiginous canyon, majestic and unique in Europe.


Discover the Gorges du Verdon

The Verdon Regional Nature Park, located in France, unveils a canyon of limestone cliffs dug for millennia by the Verdon.

Elected as the most beautiful canyon in Europe, the Verdon Park, unique spectacle if it is, rises up to 700 meters high and offers incredible panoramas on the nature.

The Verdon, emerald water, like a painting in the heart of nature, has its source at 2,325m above sea level. In the vicinity of the Gorges, atypical villages in old stones, offer prodigious views on the cliffs.

This vertiginous breathtaking canyon offers a total route of 175 km. The vastness and beauty of the canyon have made it famous in France and around the world. The majesty of the Gorges du Verdon impregnates you and marks forever.

Luxury duvet covers - Aigredoux - Verdon

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