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Tianzi Bed Linen

The graphic lines of the Tianzi collection, luxury bed linen, suggest the dizzying Chinese mountains, as an incredible link between heaven and earth.

luxury bed linen - Aigredoux

The Tianzi collection : luxury bed linen

The Tianzi collection comes in luxury bed linen to enhance your interior. The graphic lines that compose it structure the adornment and your interior in all discretion. Available in gray and white, Tianzi bedding adorns serenity and soothing in your interior.

Your look is like worn, guided on a path of tissue strips. Beginning at the top of the pillowcases, the strips of colored fabrics finish the bottom of the ornament and culminate evoking the dizzying heights of the mountains.

The delicacy of the fabric offers a sweetness without any other like. The Tianzi collection envelops you wellness and becomes your daily protection space. Enjoy an enchanting daily life and escape to the top of the most beautiful mountains.

Tianzi - Luxury bed linen - Aigredoux

The Tianzi Mountains, as a divine shelter from the wonders of nature.

Discovering the Tianzi Mountains

The Tianzi Mountains are located in China, escapes from the sub-tropical forest. Called Tianzi Shan, the mountain of the son of heaven, these peaks rise to 1,250 meters in the heart of the mountains. Fairyland, mountains represent the power of nature, capable of producing surreal landscapes, even magical.

Unesco’s World Heritage Site, these colossal mountains inspired the setting of the Avatar movie. In the autumn, the mountains offer a splendid spectacle: the clouds slip around them with delicacy and poetry. As overrun by a sea of ​​clouds, the peaks seem to become an ultimate link between the Olympian summit and the land of men.

The mountains are home to a forest of incredible biodiversity. Trees and animals, sometimes endangered, trample the soil of the Tianzi Mountains. The most incredible of them is the longiband or nebula panther, with its sublime robe composed of dark spots and black bands. The long-lived panther is threatened with extinction.

Tianzi - Aigredoux - Luxury bed linen

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