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Jeita Bed Linen

Discover our Jeita collection, king size bed linen for a majestic and sumptuous interior. Our collection takes you on a journey to the end of the world, to the discovery of two caves located north of Beirut.
Set Bed Linen Jeita Collection Aigredoux Made in France
Details Bed Linen Jeita Collection Aigredoux Made in France

The Jeita Collection

For our creations of king size bed linen, we propose audacity! The desire for bold graphics and the treasure of the Jeita caves has guided the creation of this collection. Original bed linen among our collections, Jeita is the marked affirmation of your character and your personality.
Composed of two complementary colors, the destructured geometry of this collection is expressed in your interior to make it unique. The warmth of the ivory and sand tones brings elegance and refinement. The long cotton fibers used for this collection offer an incomparable softness.
The Jeita collection shapes your interior as the water has shaped the caves. It lives at the heart of your decoration, and creates an unalterable memory of your interior. Sublime your spaces with this striking and attractive bed linen that will leave no one indifferent. Affirm yourself in a unique style, yours !
Details Bed Linen Jeita Collection Aigredoux Made in France
King size bed linen - Jeita - Aigredoux

Jeita is unique: its double composition makes it a treasure of architecture.

Discover Jeita Caves

Jeita is a magical place. Digging through rain and groundwater, the Jeita Cave is the union of two caves that are several thousand years old. These two levels, called the upper grotto and the lower grotto, make this place an unheard of geological space.
The upper cave, situated 60 meters above the lower cave, is itself composed of two spaces: the white room, with stalactites of pure calcite, and the red chamber tinted with iron oxide. It is home to the world’s largest stalactite of 8.2 meters. The lower cave is crossed by a river which flows into a lake at the entrance of the latter.
Consisting of monumental vaults, the caves contain spectacular treasures and reveal themselves as a true cathedral of stalactites and stalagmites. This exceptional natural site, with impressive volumes, has been truly shaped by water, which has built over time a tunnel evolving according to its movements.
Jeita - king size bed linen - Aigredoux

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