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Maui Bed Linen

More than high end bedding, the Maui collection is an invitation to travel to the heart of a Hawaiian divine island.
Set Bed Linen Maui Collection Luxury Aigredoux
Details Bed Linen Maui Collection Luxury Aigredoux

The Maui collection, high end bedding

Maui’s high end bedding is unveiled in a subtle and refined collection. The simplicity of this adornment makes Maui a discreet model that will adapt to all tastes and all interiors. As a return to basics, the Maui collection comes in two colors to suit your desires. Leave free your inspiration, and imagine the adornment that corresponds to you.
Elegant and pure, Maui takes you to the heart of the finest hotels on the island. Magnify your interior with this delicate and luxurious creation that will unite elegantly with your decoration. Make your home a space of everyday well-being and let yourself be wrapped in softness.
As a bracket of everyday life, a break in the passing time, this bed linen upscale offers you a moment of relaxation and rest. The island and the Maui collection inspire benevolence and serenity, and are revealed as a jewel of purity where it is good to recharge.
Details Bed Linen Maui Collection Luxury Aigredoux
High end bedding - Aigredoux - Maui

A true piece of paradise, the island is like a jewel in time, a space of well-being, cut from the outside.

Discovering Maui

Located in the heart of the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is a paradise island combining large stretches of beaches, transparent water and impenetrable blue sky.
Idyllic, Maui Island seems to have escaped time and the world. As an enchanting parenthesis, it dazzles us by its beauty. Lulled by the sweet sound of the waves, let yourself be immersed in Hawaiian culture, kindly, sweet and warm.
The landscape is unique. The island is made up of wild peaks, the Hale’a’Kala volcano and its huge crater, or lush forests and jungle. By its beauty and by the diversity of the landscapes that compose it, this island surprises and leaves an eternal memory in the deepest of each one.
Maui - high end bedding - Aigredoux

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