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Moher Bed Linen

With our Moher collection, high end bed linens and made to measure, fly up the cliffs Irish, to 215 m height.

Moher - high end bed linen - Aigredoux
Detail bed linen - High end bed linen - Aigredoux

The Moher Collection : high end bed linen

Awaken your interior and your imagination, give height to your decoration with the Moher collection, high end bed linens, hand-made and grand.

Through its original design, horizontality and verticality unite to create a play of perspective that enhances your decoration, becoming unique, timeless and magical.

In all its splendor, this collection with graphic lines opens new horizons, and surprises.

Moher detail - High end bed linen - Aigredoux
high end linens - Aigredoux - Moher

Moher asserts himself in a grand manner and cuts our breath by his mystical power.

Discovering the cliffs of Moher

As a veritable giant panorama, the cliffs of Moher are enveloped in magic: a veritable illustration of the strength and power of nature. The cliffs fascinate since generations.

From the top of the cliffs, in rooftops of the pastures, the visitor has two views: the smooth horizon, which is cut out by the silhouettes of the Connemara mountains as the weather prevails ; and the perilous vertical slopes of the cliffs, constantly challenged by wind and ocean.

As magnetized, the gaze plunges into the depths of the agitated ocean: the height cuts the breath and leaves in you the imprint of an eternal memory.

Moher - high end linens - Aigredoux

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