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Fine linens : discover the Fingal collection

The aesthetics of the Fingal collection reveal fine linens, combining the imagination, character and power that the cave Fingal has evoked men for decades.

Fingal - Fine linens - Aigredoux
Fine linens - Fingal - Aigredoux

The Fingal collection

The Fingal collection, composed of graphic lines in applied bands, brings dynamism and character to your interior. This luxury cotton bed linen brings modernity and elegance to your home, whatever your world and your desires.

For your exceptional apartment, villa, jet or yacht, the Fingal collection unveils your commitment and offers a unique experience. Customizable in materials and colors, this fine linens will express the heart of your interior your most subtle tastes.

The Fingal collection has limits only your imagination. Your dreams and your inspiration are unveiled to create a finery worthy of the most beautiful creations. Let the soul of artist sleep in you for an adornment without any other similar.

Aigredoux - Fingal - Fine linens

Fingal Cave, a magical place that offers a journey to the heart of our imagination.

Discovering Fingal Caves

The Fingal caves are located in Scotland on the island of Staffa was discovered in 1772. This cavern 85 meters deep and 22 m high is made of lava flows that have dried slowly, forming perfect geometric shapes.

This almost surrealist decor would be, according to Celtic legend, the remains of a bridge built over the sea by two enemy giants.
At the heart of this geometric nef, rushes the sea lapping on the walls of basalt, which earned the cave the nickname of “musical cave”.

The history and unique geology of these caves make it a place that has always fanned the imagination of men. Fingal was a source of inspiration for many artists: from Jules Verne to Pink Floyd …

Fingal - Fine linens - Aigredoux

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