Your elegant bedroom sets: the Fuji collection

The delicacy and purity that emanate from Mount Fuji inspired the poetic design of this sumptuous bed linen.

Fuji - Aigredoux - elegant bedroom sets
Aigredoux - Fuji - Elegant bedroom sets

The Fuji collection

Like Mount Fuji, which inspired this creation, this sumptuous bed linen is revealed in all its lightness and softness.
This set of applied bands and a delicate ladder stitching, offers your home an inspiring and soothing atmosphere, conducive to the sweetest dreams.

Reveal the inner soul of an artist and let yourself be inspired by Mount Fuji. Compose a finery full of poetry, and let yourself be carried to the clouds. Fuji envelops you with delicacy and offers you a break in your daily life, a sweet interlude, enchanted and out of time.

The delicate work of the ladder stitching, sewn at the junction of colors, sublimates with lightness exceptional fabrics from the most beautiful houses. The french “savoir-faire” and expertise of our seamstresses are revealed on this collection to offer you a sumptuous bed linen, worthy of the most beautiful interiors.

Elegant bedroom sets - Aigredoux - Fuji
fuji - elegant bedroom sets - Aigredoux

Unique, powerful and pure, Fuji is fulfilled as protector of the world and men.

Discovering Mount Fuji

Located at 3776m above sea level, Mount Fuji is the highest point in central Japan. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a true symbol of the land of the rising sun and source of inspiration for many artists: painters, authors and botanists were inspired by this wonderful mountain for centuries.

Sacred mountain, this often snow-covered volcanic cone has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries. Its majestic shape gives it a certain power that inspires both fear and respect. Its beauty and intermittent volcanic activity make Mount Fuji a sacred mountain for centuries.

Fauna and flora rub shoulders with harmony at the feet of Mount Fuji, protector of a forest with incredible biodiversity. Among this rich fauna and flora, the long-haired or nebula panther is distinguished by its sublime dress composed of dark spots and black stripes.

Aigredoux - Fuji - Elegant bedroom sets

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