Sokotra - Egyptian cotton bedding by Aigredoux

Sokotra Bed Linen

Egyptian cotton bedding, the Sokotra collection takes you to the Arabian Sea, in Yemen, in a remarkable land of plains and mountains.

The Sokotra collection, the combination of simplicity and sobriety

The lines sublimate the unique character of Sokotra: the horizon as the stitches make it an elegant and sober creation.

Precious collection inspired by this majestic island, the Sokotra bedding will sublimate your interior with an exceptional finish in bourdon stitching or ladder stitching.

Slip into your Egyptian cotton bedding, and escape to Sokotra where it is good to recharge, since the dawn of time.

Egyptian cotton bedding - Aigredoux - Sokotra

On the shore as on the summit of the mountains, the horizon diffuses its serenity. Sokotra is peaceful, and seems preserved from the outside world.

Discovering the island of Sokotra

On the island, there are hundreds of animal and vegetable species. Some of them ar unique in the world, such as the Sokotra dragon tree which, majestic, springs from solid roots and intertwines its branches, as the ultimate link between heaven and earth.

At twilight, the island of bliss, under its Sanskrit name, envelops and preserves you. As a frontier to time, the steady wind blows to a distant journey.

Magnificent in its simplicity, the island of Sokotra is unique: far from the modern territories, it protects its splendor.

Sokotra - Egyptian cotton bedding - Aigredoux

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