danxia - Egyptian bed sheets - Aigredoux collection

Egyptian Bed sheets : The Danxia Collection

The design of this set comes from the heart of the Zanghia Danxia Park made famous by its artistic erosion.

Danxia - Aigredoux - Egyptian bed sheet collection

The Danxia Collection :  the beauty egyptian bed sheets


Composed of 5 lines of fine bourdon stitching arranged in parallel, the Danxia collection is unveiled graphic and elegant. The bourdon stitching details guide the look on the entire bed linen and reveal a design in all purity and lightness.

Alliance of modernity and timelessness, this egyptian bed sheets will fit perfectly in all interiors. Personalize the color of the bourdon stitching to reveal your personality and make Danxia, a unique creation, to your image.

All in character, the lines of bourdon stitching structure the finery and space. Give your home this Egyptian bed sheets : the perfect combination of a modern graphic design and a precious and luxurious fabric.

Danxia - egyptian bed sheets - Aigredoux

Danxia, a fresco of nature with exceptional colors.

Discovering Danxia

Located in China, Zhangye Danxia Natural Geological Park is known for its rock formations. This landscape offers 510 km² of varied colors from agglomerated fragments of rocks.
The Danxia Basin separates the flat and light-colored northern massif from the southern massif, famous for its rich color strata.

The landscapes of Danxia Park reveal a natural harmony. Under the influence of rivers, erosion and weather, the hills are tinged with blue-green, black or red …
The climate plays on the colors: sun, cloud and rain play with the intensity and light palettes to create unique atmospheres on Earth.

The weather and the erosion of wind and rain have revealed these colors. This natural artistic singularity has earned the Park the nickname “Rainbow Mountains Geopark”. It is also part of the top 10 geographical wonders of the world.

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