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Bwindi bed linen

As a return to your roots, the Bwindi collection, luxury cotton bed linen, appears in a refined and unique style. Bwindi takes you to far reaches of Africa, in the reserve of the same name, also called “The Impenetrable Forest”.
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The Bwindi Collection

The luxury cotton bed linen of the Bwindi collection is a true return to the essentials. The bourdon stitching sublimates discreetly the splendor of the material. With a weaving without apparent weft, this bed linen is made of fine fabric, shiny on one side and matt on the other side.
As the reserve, immaculate and protected, the Bwindi collection is pure and chic. The quality of the fabric offers you an incomparable bed linen, pure and delicate. Its extreme softness brings a prodigious comfort of use.
Opt for a pure collection, like a return to essentials. With elegance, the Bwindi collection brings comfort and well-being to your interior. Take a place and revitalize yourself, at home.
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Luxury cotton bed linen - Bwindi - Aigredoux

Bwindi, a unique space that stops time.

Discovering the Bwindi Reserve

Located in the south-west of East Africa, the Bwindi reserve covers 300 km² of nature. Jungle, mountains and plains merge themselves on this African territory. This reserve is a protected space, a true paradise for nature and animals, and has an ecosystem of incredible wealth.
As a protective reserve, Bwindi houses mountain gorillas, a threatened animal. Contrary to their imposing appearance, these gorillas are sociable and peaceful animals. The family lives under the protection of the dominant male, the silvery-backed gorilla, which protects the group from threats.
The reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also serves as a refuge for multiple species of birds and butterflies, which are sometimes endemic: more than 1,000 species of plants and flowers have been registered to date.
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