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Naïca Bed Linen

As a contemporary luxury bedding, the Naïca collection takes you to the center of the Earth, at the heart of a Mexican mine.

Naïca, your contemporary luxury bedding

Like a jewel, the Naïca collection illuminates your precious and rare interior. Explosive by its beauty, your quality bed linen became a jewel, which adorns your interior with splendor.

The subtle work of the tips makes your bedlinen a sophisticated creation, a true work of art unique and pure. More than a collection of bed linen, Naïca offers you a unique experience, a fabulous divine journey.

The Naïca bedding, as luminous and precious as the Moher and Roraima collections, expresses itself majestically in your interior. Enjoy its contact, Naïca envelops you of comfort and well-being.

Aigredoux - contemporary luxury bedding - Aigredoux

In the image of Versailles, Naïca is a true mirror of light, purity and elegance.

Discovering the Naïca Mine

Like the adventurers of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, join a fabulous cave made up of crystals more than 10 meters long. A spectacular show, the impressive peaks stand out with force from the walls of the cave. Travel out of time, and discover this space in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.

The Naïca mine is a grandiose and overwhelming spectacle for the few men who have been able to venture there. As sublime as dangerous, this cave can be observed only if equipped for this descent. His spectacle, unique and splendid, deserves !

Translucent crystals, like a breathtaking divine creation, create a unique show in the world. The light moves through the heart of these majestic appearances and plays with crisscrossed crystal tips.

Contemporary luxury bedding - Naica - Aigredoux

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