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Uyuni Bed Linen

The Uyuni collection is the best luxury bedding. Uyuni is the reminiscent of the vast desert of salt located in the south-west of Bolivia.

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Uyuni bed linen: best luxury bedding

Like the desert shaped by the climate, Uyuni, best luxury bedding, is fashioned by our hands, but knows how to reveal its character. Your creation plays with the perspectives of your interior to surprise and amaze.

Like the incredible reflections of the sun on the sandy desert, give life to your color creation. Composed of contemporary lines with refined character, your bed linen will dazzle and become the spark of your decoration.

Between dream and reality, Uyuni makes you discover a new world. Travel far from the everyday, do not trust your senses anymore: Dream!

Best luxury bedding - Aigredoux collection
Best luxury bedding - Aigredoux - Uyuni

Insensitive to time and space, Uyuni has perpetuated its beauty for thousands of years

Discovering Uyuni Salar

Uyuni is an unprecedented territory, a place where heaven and earth merge. Ancient prehistoric lake, Uyuni was born of the drying of the lake, which, disappearing has caused the crust of salt to be born.

Flooded over a few months of the year, the salt desert then becomes a natural mirror, playing with the skyline between heaven and earth. The sun, dancing on the reflections and on the white salt, turns the light in a palette of brilliant colors.

This white plain is the largest salt desert in the world. Wind and time have swept and smoothed over thousands of years this plateau of more than 10 000 km ².

Uyuni - Aigredoux - best luxury bedding

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