Refined throws pillows - Mendenhall - Aigredoux

Mendenhall : Refined throws and pillows

Ice cave ceilings with wavy indentations of the glacier inspired the creation of this collection and its chevron fabric.

Aigredoux - Refined throws pillows - Mendenhall
Mendenhall - Aigredoux - refined throws pillows

Mendenhall Collection

The Mendenhall collection is made of a chevron fabric combining wool and cotton. This collection is distinguished from others by its rather wise and discreet spirit resulting in pillowcases and delicate plaid blankets that coccoon you from everyday life.

Designed with a high-end plaid, these modern cushion covers provide the finishing touches to your decor. Mendenhall illustrates the modernized tradition; this collection is delineated in 4 models of pillowcases, from the wisest to the most daring.

Authentic and classic, this collection made of refined throws and pillows complements your interior with elegance and poise.
Refined throws pillows - Aigredoux - Mendenhall
Refined throws pillows - Aigredoux - Mendenhall

The Mendenhall collection will subtly reveal every space in your interior.

Discovering the Mendenhall Glacier

Located near the capital of Alaska, the Mendenhall Glacier is 19 kilometers long; it rises in a field of ice. The Nugget Falls waterfalls fall into Mendenhall Lake, which is fed by melting ice.

The glacier is composed of crevasses and seracs, blocks of ice formed by fracturing. The ice caves are accessible during a kayak and on the ice. They are composed of ceilings with wavy reliefs. The glacier interior is home to caves of bluish ice, dug by water runoff, and intense colors.

The colors of the glacier, its reflections and its reliefs make this glacier a magical space with a surreal atmosphere. For these reasons the glacier and its surroundings are protected within the Mendenhall Recreation Area.

Mendenhall - Refined throws pillows

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