Elegant luxury plaid throws - Midui - Aigredoux

Luxury plaids with the Midui collection

The soul that emanates from the Midui glacier inspired this collection: the chambered fabric evokes the strength and sweetness of the glacier.

Elegant luxury plaid throws - Aigredoux - Midui
Midui - Aigredoux - elegant luxury plaid throws

Midui, elegant luxury plaid throws

The Miui collection consists of a chambered fabric combining 2 colors in its weave (1 colored thread and 1 ivory thread). 100% fine cotton, this delicate fabric will cherish every moment of comfort and well-being for years to come.

The combination of softness and purity of the Midui Glacier inspired the creation of the Midui collection, elegant luxury plaid throws. The Midui collection is bright and elegant.

Get comfortable with this Midui plaid on your sofa, armchair or bed. As a parenthesis to the passing of time, wrap yourself in your plaid blanket, curled up against your decorative cushions and recharge your batteries.

With its 4 collections of cushions and pillowcases, the Midui collection will also elegantly complement Aigredoux’s exquisite bed linen.

Delicately dressed Midui pillowcases create a generous a generous and welcoming space, a real invitation to rest and enjoy a moment from time. A new universe opens up to you, full of daydreams, light and sweetness.

Aigredoux - elegant luxury plaid throws - Midui
Elegant luxury plaid throws - Midui

With Midui, transform your interior into generous and welcoming space.


Discovering the Midui Glacier

The Midui Glacier is located in Yupu County, Tibet. Considered one of the most beautiful glaciers in China, the Midui Glacier is also the lowest in the world. Open to tourists since 2007, it offers superb getaways in the heart of wild nature.

Its beauty comes from the avalanches that regularly animate it. Its summit is composed of 2 ice ponds, which draw the glacier: when full, the ice falls towards the bottom of the mountain and forms a giant waterfall of ice falls 700 to 800 meters long.

This glacier is located in the middle of mountains, forests, lakes, villages and temples. The biological diversity around the glacier is particularly notable. These glittering ice cliffs make this place a fascinating, magical landscape.

Midui - Elegant luxury plaid throws

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