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Biafo: cotton plaid blankets and luxury pillows


Composed of a classic and timeless honeycomb pattern, the Biafo collection offers sumptuous and elegant cotton plaid blankets and decorative pillow.


Aigredoux - Accessories - Cotton plaid blankets
Accessories - Cotton plaid blankets - Aigredoux

Biafo Collection

The Biafo collection is the combination of comfort and aesthetics: it is one of the final touches of personalization to your interior. With a remarkable finish, this collection brings warmth and softness to your bedroom or living room.

Cocooning and soft, the accessories in the Biafo collection fit perfectly into an elegant interior. Made in France and by hand, Biafo accessories of remarkable quality ensuring their confort for generations to come.

Create a delicate space that envelops you with serenity and well-being for a refreshing atmosphere on a daily basis.

Accessories - Aigredoux - Cotton plaid blankets
Aigredoux - Cotton plaid blankets - Accessories

At first touch, the Biafo collection is difinitively soft and elegant.


Discovering the Biafo Glacier

Located at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the Karakoram Massif (Pakistan), the Biafo Glacier, 63 km long, is one of the 3 largest glaciers on Earth outside the polar regions. In the vicinity of the Biafo Glacier is Hispar: together they give life to a huge path in the heart of Karakoram and a gigantic expanse of ice.

The Biafo Glacier is connected to Snow Lake, which is made up of parts of Biafo and its tributary the Sim Gang Glacier. The lake forms one of the largest snow basins in the world: it can reach up to 1,600m deep.


Many trecks are possible on the lake and the glaciers: the trails and hikes make it possible to observe the change of environment which passes from the green to the sand then to the rocks before contemplating the superb white expanse.


Aigredoux - Cotton plaid blankets

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