Luxury cotton throws - Aigredoux

Luxury cotton throws: the Aletsch collection

With the Aletsch collection, your luxurious cotton plaid brings to your interior the rustic and romantic atmosphere of a country house.


Aigredoux -Luxury otton throws - Alestch
Luxury cotton throws - Aigredoux - Aletsch

Aletsch Collection

Furnish the heart of your home with 100% fine cotton Aigredoux. Embellish your interior with luxury cotton throws and decorative cushions: whether standard or custom-made sizes, they will embellish your decor with subtlety.

The delicate material of Aletsch is reminiscent of the country house and the nature that surrounds it. Create a space that stands still in time; a source of solace away from the frenzy of everyday life.

Your authentic interior offers you a break from time to rejoice in the simple things in life, such as precious moments with those you love.

Alestch - Luxury cotton throws - Aigredoux
Aigredoux - luxury cotton throws

The Alestch collection will create a romantic and rural space in the heart of your home.


Discovering the Aletsch Glacier

Located in southern Switzerland, Aletsch is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Largest glacier in the Alps; this river of ice measures nearly 23km and offers fans countless hikes. Its beauty was also a source of inspiration for art, literature and alpine tourism.

Aletsch is a source of important information on the formation of mountains and glaciers, as well as on the climate. The glacier evolves over the centuries and withdraws each year a little more because of global warming.

Its removal modifies the fauna and the flora: the plants colonize its wake, these vegetable successions are exceptional information on the geological and vegetal process.

luxury cotton throws - AIgredoux

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